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The 3rd International Conference on Eco-Efficiency

Modelling and Evaluation for Sustainability:
Guiding Eco-Innovation and Consumption

in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands

9-11 June 2010
(Short Courses on 8 June)

The Challenge

Increasing affluence and population growth will destroy the environment, will hit the poor, and will hit next generations, unless extreme, unprecedented improvements in eco-efficiency are realised, leading to decoupling of economic growth from environmental impact. De-growth, for the richest, will be an essential ingredient.
The time frames involved start now. Fundamentally new technologies in production and consumption will however require decades for their full scale introduction, and we don’t know them yet. How can we guide the right developments, based on best current knowledge, and how can we create the incentives for this key issue in long term sustainability?
A draft of the conference statement can be found here.

The conference

The conference will set the stage for challenging discussions in the plenary sessions on day 1, on Wednesday, with keynote speakers from all continents covering targets and strategies, and some technical options. In the parallel sessions, on day 1 and day 2, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, we will look into specific options for eco-efficiency improvements in core domains of sustainable development and eco-innovation. On Friday, day 3, several schools of analysis will be confronted in order to better connect their different knowledge domains. On day 0, short courses are offered to all interested.

We will discuss the conference statement at the end of day 1 and day 3, and indicate core questions for research in a second document, both having a working draft as starting point already. All discussions and the development of the conference statement will be at a weblog, to which also external contributions are welcome.

Your role

Present your challenging research. Send in an abstract now and join the conference, to learn, and to contribute to the discussions on our future. Check the conference weblog for more options to contribute. Please feel free to send your individual blog posts to the editors, Bas de Leeuw and Ruben Huele, at weblog[at]eco-efficiency-conf.org, or react directly on the blogs placed already.


Authors of a selection of presentations will be invited to submit a full paper for a special section on eco-efficiency in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, following usual review procedures.

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